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Steam / Thermal Oil Installations

Steam Installations:
In industrial mechanical systems, steam installations are used to produce steam by heating water. Steam plays an important role for energy transfer and heating in many industrial processes. Steam installations are used to distribute high pressure steam generated by boilers or heating systems. This steam is used in many applications such as running process equipment, generating hot water, sterilisation and electricity generation.

Thermal Oil Installations:
Thermal oil installations are used for heat transfer at high temperatures in industrial processes. Hot oil systems consist of an installation in which liquid oil circulates at high temperatures. These installations are used in processes that require heat transfer, especially in areas such as chemical industry, food processing and energy production. Hot oil installations include high temperature resistant pipework, heat exchangers, pump systems and control equipment.

Both types of installations must be designed correctly, maintenance requirements must be observed and they must be operated safely. Furthermore, it is important to design and operate installations for energy efficiency and to minimise environmental impacts. Such installations play a fundamental role in industrial production processes and their efficient operation helps businesses to remain competitive.

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