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Insulation Applications

Thermal Insulation: Temperature control is important in industrial spaces. Thermal insulation is used to maintain or control temperatures within the facility. Applying thermal insulation on pipes, boilers, steam lines and equipment saves energy and improves worker safety.

Sound Insulation: Industrial spaces are often exposed to high sound levels. Sound insulation aims to reduce noise within the facility through the use of soundproofing materials. This creates a comfortable working environment while protecting the hearing health of employees.

Fire Insulation: Fire safety is critical in industrial spaces. Fire insulation is used to prevent the spread of fire and to ensure worker safety during a fire. Fire insulation materials are especially used in walls, ceilings and passageways.

Chemical Resistant Insulation: Chemical resistant insulation is required in industrial plants where chemical processes are carried out. This type of insulation involves the use of materials resistant to chemical effects.

Cooling Insulation: Cooling insulation is required for efficient operation of cooling systems. Insulation applications for cooling lines, cooling devices and cold storages are important to reduce energy costs and extend the life of the equipment.

Appliance and Equipment Insulation: Insulation for devices and equipment in industrial spaces is used to optimise energy consumption, reduce maintenance costs and improve operational efficiency.

Industrial mechanical insulation applications are critical to increase the efficiency of facilities, reduce energy costs and protect worker health and safety. Selection of appropriate materials and professional application are the basis for a successful insulation solution.

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