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Energy Audit Works

Energy audits are a systematic process that analyses the energy consumption, energy resources and energy efficiency of an industrial mechanical plant. Such studies are conducted with the aim of reducing energy costs, minimising environmental impacts and using energy resources more efficiently. Here are the basic stages of energy audits:

  • Condensate Measurement
  • Thermal Measurement
  • Compressed Air Loss-Leakage Measurement
  • Pump Efficiency Measurement, especially;

Data Collection and Analysis: The first step is to determine the facility’s current energy consumption and energy use patterns. This includes the use of electricity, natural gas, water and other energy sources. In addition, data on energy bills, plant operation and production processes are also collected.

Identification of Energy Saving Opportunities: Energy audits identify energy saving opportunities. These opportunities include potential improvements to increase energy efficiency. Examples include energy efficient lighting systems, insulation improvements, energy efficient equipment and process optimisation.

Financial Assessment: Energy audits evaluate the cost-effectiveness of proposed energy saving measures. This includes return on investment (ROI) calculations, energy saving potential and cost estimates.

Improvement Plan and Implementation: Based on the results of the energy audit, an improvement plan is created. This plan includes the proposed measures and the implementation process. Investment decisions are taken and energy saving projects are implemented.

Monitoring and Evaluation: Once the improvement measures have been implemented, the energy performance of the plant is regularly monitored and evaluated. This helps to determine whether the improvements are delivering the expected results.

Energy audits support the sustainability, cost reduction and environmental impact reduction objectives of industrial mechanical systems. Energy audits provide valuable information in terms of energy efficiency and resource management and help businesses to optimise their energy costs.

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